SolidRun – Home of the CuBox

Quelle: SolidRun – Home of the CuBox.

Die potentiellen ThinClients und “Weg mit dem fetten PC” Computer werden immer sparsamer, kleiner und einfach cooler .-)


The Little Computer that Can

Using less than 3 watts, weighing 91 grams (3.2oz) and measuring roughly 2x2x2 inches, CuBox is a miniature computer capable of some amazing things.

Designed as an open source development platform, use CuBox to create your own media center, thin client, XBMC console, network attached storage device, or anything else you want. Boasting 1080p full HD output, HDMI out, and a full gigabyte of RAM, it’s incredible what you can create with this tiny device

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